Porta Potty Rental Loveland, CO

Our Porta Potties Are Great For:

Construction Event
Porta Potty


Are you managing a big outdoor event or a long-term construction project? If you need help with the restroom situation, leave it to Colorado Portables. Our porta potty rentals in Loveland, CO, offer hygienic, efficient, and hassle-free solutions.

The Advantages of a Portable Toilet Rental in Loveland

Rent a portable toilet from us for the following benefits:

  • Convenience: Our crew handles everything from delivery and setup to maintenance.
  • Compliance: No one wants the health department knocking on their door. Avoid the cost and headache of dealing with violations with our premium units. 
  • Cost effectiveness: Porta potty rentals are far more budget friendly than the alternative — no need for expensive plumbing or permanent structures.

A Swift, Hassle-Free Process

When you’re ready to get a porta potty rental in Loveland, CO, we’ll:

  • Discuss everything, from rental prices to optional handwashing stations
  • Set up a delivery and installation schedule that works perfectly with your timeline
  • Refresh the units for long-term use
  • Pack everything up when your event or project wraps up

Your Go-To Partner for Porta Potties in Loveland, CO

Make your Loveland event or construction site run smoothly for everyone involved with Colorado Portables. Dial 720-799-3261 for a seamless experience. 

How It Works

1. Get In Touch

Give us a call to talk about your event or project needs.

2. Schedule Service

We deliver clean portable restrooms on time and arrange service schedules.

3. Clean & Remove

We clean and take away the unit when your event or project is over.

Porta Pottys Frequently Asked Questions

We can always get a unit out within two business days, but in many cases, we can get a unit delivered much faster! We will give you a four-hour time frame on your delivery date.

For routed rentals we service the unit one time per week. For larger sites where space is constrained we can service twice per week or even up to every day.

We do both short term and long term rentals!

We offer discounts for orders of multiple units.

We can provide a lock if requested at a small charge to cover the cost of the lock.

Customers have various options for payment. We send an invoice as soon as the unit is delivered. Customers are given a link to pay in that invoice. We can also sign long term customers up for auto pay as well.

Portable toilets store waste in securely sealed holding tanks to prevent leaks and contain odors. 

You need at least one porta potty per 100 people in a four-hour event. More hours or larger crowds require additional units to ensure comfort and convenience.

If you want to rent a porta potty in Loveland, CO, for a week, the pricing varies depending on the number and type of units. You can easily ask for a quote specific to your situation.